Hardwood floors have a dramatic effect on any room.  They continue to be the most popular choice for living areas.  Hardwoods can evoke rich, elegant tones or rustic, vintage feelings.  They are well-suited to any decorating style from sleek, modern designs to old-world charm.  Wood flooring is available in an array of different styles – from softwood to hardwood, pine to oak. Options that are available include prefinished, unfinished, reclaimed, veneer, laminated, solid, parquet, planked, etc. so your choices are almost limitless!

A huge range of wood flooring is available to everyone today, no matter where you live.  A major benefit is that hardwoods compliment all other flooring materials as well.  Wood floors are always a wise investment to a home, as they can add significant value to the house (which is especially important in today’s economy.)


Laminate is a fantastic flooring option and can be every bit as beautiful as a solid wood floor or an intricate tile design.  Installation is critical, however, so make sure you trust the professionals at Heath Flooring Concepts!

Laminate flooring is the result of a high process procedure, which fuses or glues together layers of different materials. The top surface has traditionally been wood design, but modern advances allow just about any flooring material finish to be emulated - even marble or ceramic tiles. The strips of laminate often have an edge that clicks together and pulls itself to the next plank, ensuring that there are no unsightly gaps.

Planning is essential for a successful quality finish to laminate flooring projects. An uneven sub-surface will result in your laminate flooring creaking or squeaking, so this is one job that you should not be rushed.  However, done correctly, laminate flooring is an economical option.

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