Long Term Care for Hardwood

Floors that don't have a urethane finish should be waxed every 12-24 months (about as often as you would clean your carpet.)  In drier climates, during the winter, and in heavy traffic areas, waxing slightly more often may be necessary.

Buffing your hardwood floor between waxing will restore the original sheen.  Large, heavy weight buffing machines give a better sheen to wax finish than small, lightweight machines.  Only a fiber bristle brush attachment should be used.

*Remember - floors with a urethane finishe should never be waxed and require a cleaner that will not leave a film or a residue.


Wax Buildup

Occasionally, wood floors lose their shine because of successive layers of old wax.  To restore natural beauty, use mineral spirits to strip old wax away.  Let dry and apply a liquid paste wax product.  Let dry and then buff to desired sheen.



Recognizing that hardwood floor dimensions will be slightly affected by varying levels of humidity within your home, these levels should be controlled to remain within the 35-55% range. To protect your investment and to assure that your floors provide lasting satisfaction, follow the tips below:

In the heating (dry) season, a humidifier is recommended to prevent excessive shrinkage in hardwood floors due to low-humidity levels. Wood stoves and electric heat tend to create very dry conditions.

During the non-heating (humid, wet) season, proper humidity levels can be maintained by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier during the summer months.  Make sure mats are placed at your entries to avoid excessive exposure to water from outside during periods of inclement weather.
DO NOT obstruct in any way the expansion joint around the perimeter of your floor.


Spots Caused by Food or Water

Rub the spot with a cloth dampened with hardwood cleaner.  Wipe dry.  If it remains, rub the spot lightly with a hardwood scrub pad dampened with liquid paste wax.  Buff with a clean cloth.


Avoid Hardwood Damage | Routine Care for Hardwood

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