Laminate Maintenance

Laminate floors are very durable but not indestructible. Dirt can be abrasive and cause floors to dull.  Avoid this by sweeping with a good broom, dust mopping or vacuuming (without a beater bar) regularly to remove loose dirt and grit.

Vacuum cleaner attachments are very effective in picking up dirt from between planks and along edges.

Using a damp (not wet) mop occasionally is also suggested; however, your laminate flooring can expand if excessive water is used while cleaning.  After damp mopping, a clean dry cloth should be used to wipe your floor thoroughly.

Place area rugs or doormats at each entry to collect excess moisture and dirt before they enter your home.


Follow these tips to extend the life of your laminate floors:

Minimize scratching by using glides or floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture.

Always lift heavy furniture instead of dragging or pulling across laminate floors.  Use pieces of carpet face down under heavy objects when moving them across your floor.

Use the manufacturer's recommended products for spot cleaning and occasional complete cleaning of your laminate floor.

Never use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder.

Do not use soap-based detergents or “mop-and-shine” products.

Water will damage laminates.  Never flood your floor with water or cleaner.

Do not wax or polish your laminate floor.

Never try to refinish or sand your laminate floor.

Remember, laminate is durable but not indestructible.  Your laminate floor can be damaged by stiletto heels.

For additional care procedures please refer to the manufacturer's care and maintenance instructions and recommendations.

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