Sealing & Caulking


Sealing your grout will provide protection from dirt and spills by slowing down the staining  process.  After the installation process is complete, it is your responsibility to seal the grout and tile.


Follow these steps to add years to the life of your tile:

1.  Wait at least 48 hours after the grout is applied to let it dry and set.

2.  Apply penetrating silicone or water based grout sealer to the grout with a small paintbrush.

3.  Wipe off any excess sealer that has gotten on the tile before it dries.

4.  Allow the sealer to dry for at least an hour.

5.  Apply another coat of sealer and allow it to dry for an hour.

6.  Test the grout. Drop a little water on the grout.  If the water beads as if the grout had been waxed, the grout is sealed and you're done.  If not, apply another coat of sealer.



Once the tile has been laid and grouted, you will need to maintain areas that are exposed to water by caulking.  Caulking will prevent expensive subsurface damage, as well as keep the tiled areas looking their best.


Routine Care for Tile

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